Fusion.be is the portfolio website of Stefan De Pauw. Are you looking for an image that summarizes an idea? Towards a form for your content? I see images and shapes everywhere, I make them analogue and digital.

I am a photographer, graphic designer and draftsman. In addition to my conceptual look, I tame texts into pleasantly readable pages and powerful posters. And I like nothing better than that. Read on if this is a piece that is missing in your puzzle.

As a designer, I look for images within all the visual languages that I speak. Sometimes the images stand on their own, sometimes it sounds nice but no sentences come out. If everything falls into place, I can mix my different languages. I once got my domain name from a roommate as a present, but fusion is now a flag that covers my load.

Hope you enjoy my ongoing collection of creative experiments in various disciplines. I live in Antwerp, Belgium. For comments and questions, or possible cooperations, please send me a message. My contact details are below.

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BE 0708.833.141