Islands 1 – Madeira

When I turned 50 I decided to travel with my children to the place of our choice. We all chose Madeira. It was March 2020 and the pandemic erased our plans just weeks in advance. Needless to say that expectations had grown as lush as the island itself before we could take off two years later.

All pieces of a puzzle seemed to fall in place in those ten days. We stayed in the Dock House in Seixal on the North coast of the island. An epic place set between a tide pool, a pier and a little beach. Behind us the steep green cliffs of the mainland and in front of us the ocean. In fact the first land in sight would be the South coast of Iceland.

As a father I had the time of my life with my two teenagers. As a photographer I came home with to much images to let them rest on a hard drive. And I also wanted to share the experience with people around me. The result is a 174 page book called “Islands 1 – Madeira”. The prefix being a nudge to do islands from now on. To be continued…